Friday, February 17, 2006

100 Things-Part 2

1. The sound of a laughing child can bring tears to my eyes...I believe its one of the most beautiful sounds
2. I would love to bungy jump.
3. I watch reality TV.
4. I can be a hard ass and stubborn
5. I hate math but I used to be great at English (I know its hard to tell these are just musings)
6. I am the middle child.
7. I have a better relationship with my mother now that we do not live in the same city/country
8. I can be a real girlie girl but grew up a tom boy ( hence I have 3 brothers)
9. Although my sister is a 10 year age difference we have a great relationship
10. I am jealous/happy that my sister has a close relationship with our mom
11. I moved out when I was 15
12. I am afraid to swim at night.
13. I got caught when I was 6 years old with my brother stealing grape juicy gum from the grocery store, our mother marched us back to the store and made us tell the manager what we did and he pretended to call the police ( we thought we were going to jail) It was one of the best lessons I remember.
14. My brothers used to rip the wings of flys on the windshield and feed them to me telling me they were raisins ( I believed them)
15. We used to jump off the garage roof in the winter into the snowbanks ( yeah lots of snow)
16. I have never had a cavity
17. The first thing I said after the hubby proposed was "Are you fucking serious?"
18. I make sure to say " I love you" after every phone call ( I think its very important)
19. I was engaged for 2 years in a long term relationship before we FINALLY got married.
20. I think life is too short and you should always tell people what you are thinking
21. People who are bad drivers really bug me.
22. I think you should not have too many regrets in your life
23. I am a Libra
24. Hubby is a Cancer- to the bone
25. The first thing I would do if I won the lottery would be to get pregnant, if I could afford to send 10 kids to college and give them everything they need in life I would do both natural and adoption
26. I think true love is a beautiful thing
27. I do not think you should have to compromise yourself or your morals in a relationship
28. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way ( some of us need help to see the beauty)
29. If I see someone get sick I will puke as well.
30. I am a serial plant killer. Not on purpose it just happens.
31. I do not have any pets. I want a puppy so bad.
32. I am a crier. I cry at weddings, during movies, during TV shows, sometimes for no apparent reason at all.
33. A friend of mine picked out my wedding song. It was beautiful and I have cried every time I have heard it.
34. I wish I lived closer to my friends and family I miss them so much.
35. I do not like people who are mean and nasty, I particularly dislike people who pass judgment on people or groups of people they have never met.
36. I want to name my little girl Taylor and my little boy Dade.
37. The older I get the more I worry if I will even have children.
38. I always have my toenails with polish on them. (currently pink)
39. I never paint my finger nails.
40. My favorite candy is sour patch kids (Cherry blasters if I am in Canada)
41. I am an active Volunteer with The American Red Cross
42. I worked in a shelter that had 250,000.00 people after Hurricane Katrina
43. It changed my life.
44. I have a weakness for good sheets.
45. And I also have a closet full of GREAT towels.
46. When I drink I get drunk ( I have never mastered social drinking, neither has anyone I know)
47. I have never been fired from a job.
48. My dream job would be to be a doctor ( too bad I faint at the sight of blood) I would want to work with children I thought about counseling but my heart could not handle a child that has been abused
49. I think too many people take too much in life for granted
50. I can not believe I am 28... So strange....
51. My feet are size 6, this allows me to get some great deals.
52. I never buy anything unless its on sale. (except groceries)
53. I have a painting above my bed that I did myself (before you gasp at my many talents its only a Asian symbol)
54. I once painted my room Cherry Red.
55. I have saved a 4 year olds life (she drown in a pool I was 16) Her mother saved her brother he was 7.
56. I have been to many a gay bar.
57. If I was taken from this world tomorrow I would look back and be pleased that I have has a great life.
58. I have never taken off my wedding ring, the minister blessed it and in 2 1/2 years I have not taken it off once. I am being superstitious (Hey its working)
59. My husband was the first boy/man I ever made the first move on.
60. Then I made him wait 5 months for sex.
61. I love Yoga (I can not find a studio that's not 1 1/2 away)
62. I can not watch a scary movie by myself, even if I have already seen it.
63. I own 8 bikinis
64. I have pierced unmentionable parts of my body (and not by boobs)
65. I have DD's
66. I drink a lot of water its a weird thing with me I always have a water bottle with me.
67. I used to volunteer at an Veterans Hospital, I used to cry everyday it was too much for me.
68. I wear a silver bracelet on my right arm. One of my best friends tried to still it on many occasions.
69. My husband is 6 2'
70. I am 5'5 (more 5 4 1/2 but really who knows)
71. My baby cousin and I are like best friends (less like family) I have always called her baby cousin I am 11 months and 29 days older than her.
72. I tend to talk to strangers, they mostly look at me funny and think I am crazy.
73. I give myself needles for my migraines. Its not fun.
74. I am documented in a medical journal somewhere (hey that would be a good post)
75. I have found my Soul mate (I wish you all to find yours too)
76. Friends used to call me "Club K"
77. My name has 9 letters.
78. No one ever spells my name right.
79. I have 2 nephews. Jared and Tyler.
80. I also have a niece named Hailey and another nephew named Brody (not really related but may as well be)
81. I have always had long strait hair, after I got married I cut it all off (13 1/2 inches) and sent it to Locks Of Love.
82. I am a big reader (when I get the chance) Some of my favorite authors are James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, and Dean Koontz.
83. I like to smile at strangers. Some look away and pretend they do not see me, some smile back, some look back at me like I am crazy.
84. I think I may be a LITTLE crazy sometimes.
85. I hate doctors, sorry not hate just dread..I have never gotten good news (but who has really if you think about it)
86. I have been a bartender for about 13 years. I miss it soooo much.
87. Most of my friends I have known since high school.I have the year book pictures to prove it. (ha ha I should post those for a great laugh)
88. I love Indian food and Thai food, I am not a picky eater at all I will try anything in regards to food.
89. I love to cook.
90. I was born October 1st.
91. I am right handed.
92. My hubby is left handed.
93. I have a shopping problem.
94. I have a tongue ring.
95. I once pierced my eyebrow but took it out after a couple of weeks, I did not like the way people perceived me with it. (I was working in a bank at the time)
96. My first job ever was a dishwasher in my parents restaurant (I was 10)
97. I am a hopeless romantic.
98. I LOVE to travel.
99. I once placed 28th out of 367 people in a cross country race for charity.
100. I LOVE being married!!! And all the fun stuff that goes with it.


Anonymous said...

OMG, it's freakin' creepy how much of this is me! The ballet, the fears, the interests, the life experiences, the beliefs... even the 5' 4 1/2 but I tell people I'm 5'5' and the size 6 feet. It'd be easier to list the things that aren't like me, cuz there are only a handful of 'em. Girl, I wish you were still in Canada! We could go out and be not able to do the social drinking thing together.

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