Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am not a horrible person!

Oh I forgot,
While sitting in the waiting room with the reading materials I brought from home to entertain me (a few magazines that I had read but was going to re-read and leave for another fan)
So I am done re-reading my magazines and start to rip the front cover to take off my mailing address and I hear directly across from me this "GASP"
I look up to see an older lady sitting rather properly staring at me in disbelief.
The GASP was so loud as to have other on lookers also glance and give me dirty looks, I rip an article of interest from one of them and another "GASP" even louder this time so for some dumb ass reason I feel a need to validate myself by responding to all the dirty looks and addressing the rather quiet waiting area.
"These are mine I brought them from home"
So the old lady looks at me disgusted with my behavior like I just slapped a little kid for doing nothing at all...
Anyways I explained to the room who was giving me dirty looks.
"Theses are mine"
What I should have said was
"What the fuck are you looking at?? Mind your own damm business"

I still felt guilty about ripping shit from my own magazines.


1 comment:

Shann said...

ok, so not all little old ladies are nice...

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