Thursday, February 09, 2006

The puppy is gone

Sniff sniff.
I had to bring her back this morning. As soon as the hubby left for work she started to cry and bark at the door as if he was coming back.
I tried to hold her and cuddle her but she was still fussy. It could be cause he let her in the bed with him for about 1/2 before he actually got out of bed.
She knew what was coming and fought me like crazy to try to put the leash on. I finally got her ready to go and then she would not get in the car, so bad so that she tried to put her paws on the frame and push away she was shaking like crazy. I took her for a walk when I got her back to Noras and held her, she was shaking like I was going to beat her. Poor thing.
I talked to Nora and she said Brandy (the dog)is totally house trained now. She goes out to pee now on her own and everything.
So one night peeing and pooping all over our place and she's trained.
I am going back over later to take her for a walk.

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