Monday, February 27, 2006

Its so gloomy outside

So we are supposed to get rain. And a lot of it. People are freaking out and its the only thing on the news other than the story about the mountain lion sleeping in someone's front yard.
Its funny how the weather sometimes plays with my mood. I wanted to stay in bed all day today, in fact I have moved momentarily to the couch to type this then I will iron my hubbies dress shirt (did I mention I do not iron?) he has an interview tonight so I hope I do I good job. It will probably still look like a 5 year old ironed it.
Hey I did not own an iron till I got married. If it needs to be ironed I do not buy it! Maybe secretly that's why I married a military guy. True story he used to iron the stuff at my place for me when we were dating.
Ahh I did marry a good man.

I am waiting to apply for anymore jobs because I have to call tomorrow to find out if I got the job I interviewed for on Thursday. I am going to be really upset if I do not get it.
I am excited about going back to work!

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