Monday, April 30, 2007

Surprises in the mail

WEEHOO Ok I love surprises!! And my good friend Patty who I am running the marathon with sent me a care package today FULL of surprises!! She sent goodies for me to try on my long runs and a really great book about running.
My favorite thing is the magnet for my fridge. I love it! Nothing like a little motivation to keep you going. Oh and the ugly socks (even Patty says so) are for my race this Sunday that I am doing on my own.

Oh you do you like the funny I cut out of the newspaper??


Patty said...

I LOVE the funny. Send me a copy please!

Dixie said...

Oh, I love suprises! Looks like you racked up there!

RWA said...

Very nice stuff...and the cartoon is great.

T-girl said...

WOW! Maybe I should have ran with you all! ROTFL Next year, next year!

Great cartoon!

Boobless Brigade Master said... do understand that running sneakers do not actually qualify as shoes right?

Magnolia Sun said...

What a great friend, I love getting surprises in the mail too.

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