Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Twilight zone

I really feel like I am in an episode of it.

The weirdest things keep happening to me.

1. I started to run again. I mean serious. As if

2. An old friend from 15 years ago and I are talking again. Like no time has even passed.

3. I am leaving for vacation and do not have to work for almost 3 weeks.

4. My neighbor who I hardly know but have talked to on about 4 occasions asked me to be her maid of honor at her shotgun wedding (literally she's 3 months pregnant) and I had to deflect the invitation like I did not understand it. Then she asked again. So I told her we would talk about it closer to the day. And for some reason I feel bad about it, I feel bad for her, 2 weeks ago when we talked (our dogs play together) she had broken up with her boyfriend and kicked him out because he had a drug issue and she thought it was for the better blah blah, and now they are getting married and buying a house. Interesting. And what's so interesting is for some reason complete strangers and weddings are drawn to me. Serious our last place we lived at our neighbors who we talked to about 3 times invited us to their wedding, and then checked back 4 times to make sure we were coming. So we went and it was beautiful but seeing how we did not know even there last names we just stayed for the ceremony and they gave our gift to a family member and snuck out. They came to see why we did not stay for the reception THE NEXT DAY, I lied I said I had felt really ill. So weird.

5. People I work with are like drones, they come to work and do the most minimal amount of work to get by and talk about there "glamorous" lives )(read: boob jobs, liposuction and divorces) like its EVERYONE'S business and they have no problems with it.

6. I gained back 3 pounds over night. What the hell? Is that supposed to keep me motivated or tell me to stop eating sweets?? Friggin hell


Mermaid Melanie said...

I am jealous of your vacation, i have no use for running (as my boobs are way to big for that sport), and why do people exploit their lives in an office setting? cuz they really don't have one.

3lbs is water weight. Is auntie rose visiting? I have been doing WWatchers, and weighed in at my meeting on Monday. At hte end of hte meeting, i went to the bathroom. I asked if I could weigh in again. I had lost a pound! HA!

ok. enough from me.

Patty said...

THROW THE SCALES IN THE TRASH! That will teach it to stop lying to you. In spite of what the scales said, the skinny pants still fit don't they? Take that scales!

And...I TOLD YOU SO! Remember, not that long ago, when you were doubting that you could ever run any distance? What a great thing to have to take back. I knew you could do it. So when are we racing together?

Anonymous said...

About #5, we must work in the same place of business...the chick behind me, talks about her 10 year long divorce, all day everyday...and if she isn't talking about it, she is arguing with her lawyer on speaker phone!

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