Tuesday, April 03, 2007


ARGGG!! So I called this morning, I started calling @ 5:30 am to see if I could find out the status of my application.
Well I FINALLY got through with 6 days of trying and held for 45 minutes, when I finally spoke to someone they advised me that they are only processing applications that were received JAN 17th. Which means they had no record of mine in the system and would not FOR ANOTHER 3 weeks. Ok this means we are now pushing it so what does a good daughter do?

I called my mom.

See when you apply for a passport in Canada they need your original birth certificate, my current passport (Expires April 30) as well as my marriage certificate so basically I am in the US with no ID to prove I am Canadian and no marriage cert to prove I am married.

Oh yeah good times. So I am going to get my mom (always trustworthy) to go to get a copy of my birth certificate as well as my marriage certificate so that IN CASE OF EMERGENCY I can still travel. But what REALLY beefed me is I asked the lady on the phone if there was a way to pay extra to have it sooner and there is not.

Also I asked what would happen if I just let them process it and then my travel date is here and I still have not gotten my passport could I get an emergency travel document to travel with. And she did not know. Also I asked if I could get my documents back so I could just apply out here because when I originally applied they said processing was taking 20 days and now its 15 weeks and she said I would need a FEDEX account to get my documents back and it would take 2 weeks to find them and ship them!! WTF!!

Ok I am done bitching now.


Southern (in)Sanity said...

You have to love that. What was supposed to be 20 days is now 15 weeks.

And you can't get your stuff back in less than two weeks.

Hope your birth certificate and marriage certificate do the trick!

Dixie said...

I hope you get that shit straightened out! What a pisser!

Jonathan said...

In the same boat, trying to plan a trip to England and all they will say to me is 15 weeks out from end of January at the earliest. sigh...

Patty said...

I am sorry you are having so much trouble in your interactions with Governmental people. I figure that those bastards are all pissed about the way their lives have turned out so they take it out on the rest of us simply because they can.

Can't you just see some idiot in a cubical using your birth certificate as a placemat, with your marriage licence is in a nice little frame on his desk right beside the pic of his "little Mrs.?" People ask him why the pic is only passport size and why his little Mrs. looks different than she did last week, but he just blows them off and continues his little fantasy until eventually he swaps them out and sends them onto the next department.

When I get to be in charge of the world...

Boobless Brigade Master said...

Oh Canada...poor, poor Canada.
Sitting right next door, the American government can't help but influence them in a bad way.
Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Just went through it with a friend, a bunch of us are going back to the Domincan for our anniversary and although a passport is not required, they said with proof of purchase (a plane ticket) they will express process it (for a fee of course)15 days. Did you try that? Laurie : )

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