Monday, April 16, 2007

Did you know?

That they have spray for the dog that actually makes them smell like a baby? All baby powder and yummy.

Yeah I need help.

Also did you know that I CAN FIT BACK INTO STUFF I WORE 2 YEARS AGO? Before I got all fat?
See the thing is I was waiting before trying anything on again. Why? Well because I did not want to be discouraged so I kept wearing the jeans that were getting to big and falling off until yesterday where I noticed that I had to keep pulling them back on and then I could pull them completely off without unbuttoning or zipping. So I went back into the closet of doom and pulled out some of my favs AND THEY ALL FIT!! Yep so I am on the right path. Here I was all worried about everyone at home taking one look at me and being "Well she really does look like she got married!" all fat ass and everything.
So I am back into my old jeans, which means that its time to clean the closet once again (with the exception of the shoes come on people) I tried on all my old favorite pants that I could not get over my thighs 4 months ago and I have managed to wiggle them over my fat ass. (what I thought the sausage look was in??) Just kidding they fit.

So this running thing is working out, and now if I just start Pilates everyday I should be in good shape.

15 pounds in 3 months not bad. Could you imagine if I actually dieted? I would be super fabulous and skinny... Yeah right I love my sweets too much!


Southern (in)Sanity said...

Well done!!!

Dixie said...

Good for you!!

I lost 25 lbs just by dieting. No exercising. Then I hit a plateau. I have to start exercising if I want to lose any more. I did good, exercised there for 2 weeks, but life happens and well it got put off and now I'm having a hard time getting back into it. Sux.

Keep it up girl! You're doing good!

Patty said...

BIG congrates, and even BIGGER hugs for your success! GOOD JOB! You are on the right track (track, get it? A little running humor!) keep it up, and stop using the four letter word diet. What you want is a lifestyle that includes all foods (with the white foods in small amounts), one you can follow forever.

And now to stick my nose into someone else's business...

Dixie, I spend decades exercising on and off and finally found two keys to success. The first is setting manageable goals (I started with walking 15 min 5 days a week and once I was successful at that it gave me steam to increase my efforts) and loving myself even when I didn't follow the plan I had set up. The second was much harder than the first by the way. Hang in there and remember you matter, even when life happens! Big hugs to you for your weightloss too.

Magnolia Sun said...

Good for you, nothing like getting back into smaller clothes.

Unknown said...

you've been nominated for a (few) RFS Blog Award(s)

Dixie said...

Patty - Thanks!

Jenster said...

Wow!! Congratulations! That's fantastic. (I'm jealous. lol)

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