Sunday, April 01, 2007

More proof that I am going to hell

I would just like to start this post that it was all the hubby's

Ok so I sent an email that read like this to all my family and friends.

Hi Everyone, Well we were trying to wait till we got there in May to let y'all know about our little secret for when we came to visit. Here she is. Random Musings Jr. 7 pounds 6 oz Born March 9th 2007. Is she not beautiful? See y
You all soon!!

Oh and for good measure I included all these pictures.

Ok so some of the reponses I got were:

From my good friend Bryan: "WTF....No way"

From Andrea: "SHUT YOUR MOUTH___AS IF---congrats, that's amazing--as if you kept her a secret this WHOLE, she's SOOOOOOOO cute---lol"

From my baby brother who saw me in Feb and I would have needed to be 9 months pregnant for this to work: "
I don;t trust you but if you're serious you picked a bad day to announce it. But I think you;'re full of it."

My Step mom (who probably gave my dad a heart attack and I feel most guilty about) "Oh my god!!!! Congrats! What a precious beautiful little darlingl!!! This is wonderful. I am so happy for both of you.
I can't get over the shock that you have kept this a secret all this time. Now I want all the details. :-) "

Ok just like to add I KNOW I AM GOING TO HELL!!

My good friend Harriette who lives in London: "
Ok hold up a second here. You have a baby???? I didnt even know you were pregnant. Kinda missing out on some info here - please explain."

So HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!!! Oh and its the hubbys cousin's baby she was 3 days old in these


Magnolia Sun said...

You really gotta love April Fools day - that was really good with the pictures.

CruiserMel said...

They'll get you back for that one, ya know. But, touche', that was a nice effort. I'd give it a 9.5.

RWA said...

Well done.

Dixie said...

See, now I would have thought you adopted. A couple of weeks back you said you had a secret but didn't want to tell yet, but then said you weren't pregnant. So I would have thought adoption. You would have had me fooled too!

Joie de Vivre said...

you are EVIL!!! I can't believe they didnt click with the date tho.

Anonymous said...

You are so bad! I was all teary eyed and very happy for you. BAD-BAD-BAD

Patty said...

Much better than I have ever come up with. Good Job! The mother in me has to tell you that the two of you look very natural in the picture and would make great parents by the looks of the udder adoration on your faces. Maybe it is time for yous to consider giving Daisy a little Doberman or German Shepard to play with, I am sure she would be happy with either.

astrocoz said...

That is too funny! What a great idea!

AM said...

I cant BELIEVE everyone fell for that! Congrats! (on the joke!) YOu should have used your little dog as the baby!

Anne said...

That was an amazing trick! Cute pic of ya'll too.

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