Thursday, April 12, 2007

Conversations with hubby

Hubby "Babe the laptop died today I had to go but a new one"

(In all honesty the laptop had been on the last strings for a few months now and we knew this was coming sooner or later)

Me "Oh well then DSW is having an extra 30% of clearance sale so I am going to stop by after work"

Hubby... Long Pause.... "Your only doing this because I bought a computer right?"

Me "No "not completely" the reason"

Ha ha... No serious though, Patty sent me a heads up about the sale and I want to check it out, I did however promise I would not buy anything unless I TOTALLY loved them because I am VERY picky about shoes. That and I am aloud 2 more pairs for our trip.

So we will see how well this goes and I will be that crazy lady taking pictures in the store for all you crazies that really want to understand what goes on in my head!! LMAO

Fingers crossed I find the perfect pair and never have to shop for shoes again....(as if) I may however have a shoe auction before I leave from Canada and auction off all my pretties so I can come home with money to buy some more. LOL


T-girl said...

Did you say "shoe auction?" ROTFLMAO... don't worry I was thinking of auctioning off some of my clothes for the EXACT same reason! I have some cute stuff... in sizes I will "someaday" get back too! It is a compulsion, I can't help it!

Dixie said...

Um, I want in on the shoe auction action!

What size are you again??

Patty said...

I watch those auction shows, and have a feeling you would put so high a reserve on all the shoes that you will make a killing and be able to buy out the shoe store upon your return home. Either that or you will end up paying extra to ship all the new shoes you bought while on vacation because no one at the aution is willing to meet said high reserve.

And pulling off T-girls comment...Maybe we could all figure out how to have a blog auction and swap crap we no longer want with one another? Who's in?

Anonymous said...

and the auction starts at my house with only me there..... then whatever I don't buy, you can sell to the others.... deal?


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