Sunday, April 08, 2007

Blast from the past!!

Remember this post? When I was trying to track down an old friend?? Well this was the other best friend that I was also searching for!

So there is this thing called FACEBOOK, its sort of like a myspace where you can "connect" with friends only better. Anyways an OLD friend of mine sent me a friend request and I screamed.
We were best friends all through elementary school and into high school until we got into a little trouble. Well not really, ok so one night I begged my mom to let me have all my friends sleep over, at the time there were 3 of us so me, Sarah and this girl Lisa (the one who contacted me) decided we would sneak out and steal Sarah's moms car. We were 15 at the time and we thought it was a good idea, not only that we thought it would be a great idea in said stolen car to sit on the sides of the car hanging out the window dukes of hazard style and drive like maniacs.

Well we got caught and were brought home by the police, but seeing how we grew up in Canada and this was 15 years ago before kids really started to get into shit we were taken home in police cars to our parents and that was the end of it. Well Lisa's parents wanted this lesson to stick and the next day shipped her off on a flight 2000 miles away to live with her grandparents so she would no longer be around me or Sarah because we were bad influences on her.

We sent letters but never spoke again UNTIL TODAY!! Can you imagine, not speaking to someone who you were joined at the hip with for 6 years and then 15 years later picking up where you left off, we had emailed to start but it was too much work and so many questions? It was so strange and great and life is so short and I am so excited about rekindling this relationship. She sounds EXACTLY the same and I am so blessed to have her back in my life. When I go home in May she is going to make a trip to Ottawa so we can get together.

15 years. Wow how things change but also stay the same.....


CruiserMel said...

That is too cool! I had / have a friend that I was separated from in junior high - we got caught smoking and my mom figured the other girl was the bad influence. Uh, yeah, right. Anyway - I was to actually turn and walk the other direction if I saw her in the hall at school, etc. We just got closer. Take that, Mom. Until, when she was getting married, and I needed money to buy a b-maid dress and had to ask for money. THAT was tough to explain. Years later, Mom grew up and she loves my best friend like a daughter. So there. Y'all have fun catching up.

Dixie said...

Isn't that the coolest?!?

I've had the pleasure of getting back together with some friends thru

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