Friday, April 13, 2007


So 11 weeks later I am sitting here wondering when my friggin passport is going to get done and I checked my bank statement today and FINALLY they have charged it.
Which means I should be getting it soon! Which is GOOD news, it also means that I will have an extra copy of my birth certificate and marriage cert to keep in a safe place.

But its always better to be safe the sorry.

Oh and I am thinking of getting my boobs done. No not implants but having them reduced, these friggin dd's are KILLING me and my back. I think a nice full B cup would be cute. My boobs are so big and heavy that when I take off my bra they actually hurt as well as the bones in my shoulders have scarred dents in them from my bra straps. Not to mention it would be cool as hell to never have to wear a bra again and insurance covers it 100%. So I have some thinking to do about it, I think I am going wait until I lose 30 more pounds and get healthier before I even look into it, I want to be 190% certain I want to do it, all I can see now is how bad it is actually going to get over the years, if I nip it now then I will not have these issues later.


Battlerocker said...

I can't comment on the pain, but I would recommend getting the rest of your body to the exact shape you want it before changing the size of your boobs. How small to go probably depends on how small the rest of you will be in the end, or at least, that's what I would guess. Either way, I hope it eases the pain.

Dixie said...

Oh girl! By all means do your homework on the breast reduction, but just let me say..........DO IT!!! DO IT!!! DO IT!!!

I had one done in 2001. Best thing ever. EVER! I was much bigger than a DD though. After the surgery, upper back pain gone, sore neck and shoulers gone, dent in my shoulders from the bra straps gone (that one will take some time to go away) and I haven't had a migraine since I had them reduced either. It is a wonderous thing sistah! Wonderous!

Patty said...

You know my opinion on the subject, though I did it post kiddies. If you are planning a pregnancy boobies enlarge and then strink (would this affect/change your results?), and there could be nursing issues since they do reposition the nipples for the procedure.

I personally don't think either of these things would stop me (I nursed my kids, but was bottle fed myself and we are all healthy so there is probably not one right way, just personal preference). Just be sure you know all the possibilities so you are making an informed (as possible) choice.

You can fly out here and I will take care of you post surgery. I promised to do that for my hairdresser (her request) when she has hers done next year, though it would be my guess you are up and at-em by the day after surgery and won't need much assistance.

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