Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ok maybe just a bit competitive?

No? So I was going to fix myself a chocolate milkshake but thought better of it and headed to the gym. I get on the tread mill and I was walking briskly and in walks this tiny little blond, cute tight ass and she gets on the treadmill stretches her legs then starts to run.

So what does an almost 30 has not "really" run since high school WAY outta shape has not been to the gym in 2 weeks do???


And I had the BEST workout in FOREVER! I came home all red faced and pumped, I gave up after a mile but the fact that I kept up for a bit and we had the same pace makes me think I would get a way better workout if I had a running partner. I was AMAZED at how quick I fell into a rhythm that for some reason I can never find when I try to run alone. Weird how that works, so now I am changing the tunes on my MP3 player and going to try for the next few weeks to get my mile up just so I can look at even trying to finish a 1/2 marathon.


Southern (in)Sanity said...

You go, girl!!!! Get you some rockin' songs on your iPod to keep you fired up.

Patty said...

BIG HUGE CONGRATES! GOOD JOB! AND please note two things...YOU RAN A MILE, and you are already talking half when your original goal was to run five miles before you die. OH! YA! YOU'RE HOOKED!

A running buddy is a great thing. As soon as I have a normal schedule I am going to be shopping for one for me.

T-girl said...

OMG! I have done this myself! Didn't you want to kick her skinny butt as she "ran past" you and you had to get off and go die in a corner somewheres? Despite the benifits I don't like skinny little blonds that look better then me at the gym! LOL

I am doing the same thing right now with the Ipod.... Justin Timberlakes "Sexy Back" is a great song for motivation but not so good a running beat I found! LMAO

BTW- I just bought a notebook for keeping track... you might think about it also. You can track info in it as you want (unlike an actual bought one this is just a regular cute notebook for like school) and see improvements etc. It is very helpful and motivating! ;)

Ally said...

nothing wrong with competition.

happy easter!

Magnolia Sun said...

Good for you, keep it up!

GERBEN said...

YOU GO GIRL! You know me and the running thing. Too bad we live so far apart. We could be running buddies.

GERBEN said...

Oh yeah and running music. Check out some of these.

Pump it by Black eyed peas
Stronger by Britney Spears
Fighter by Christina Aguilera
Remember the name by Fort Minor
How long by Hinder
Crawling by Linkin Park.

Jonathan said...

mmmm, chocolate milkshake...oh yeah, exercise :)

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