Saturday, April 21, 2007


I am running a marathon. Yep you read that right. I am running a marathon (the more people I tell the more real it seems)

So I have been telling myself for years that I want to run a marathon, but why now? Well Oct 1st I will be turning the big 30. Yeah 30 so now is a better time than any and my friend Mrs. Patty will also be running her first full marathon as well as her BIG birthday celebration so we are going to celebrate together and both run together our first full marathons. WEEHOO I am so excited. Patty will probably run way faster and that's fine with me, this is something I am doing for me.

So its the Detroit Marathon and its Oct 21st. Exactly 6 months from today, exactly 6 months for me to train (they offer a GREAT program for beginners) and I am so excited and nervous and this is such a huge thing. I have committed and this and I am already signed up through the help of Mrs Patty and it is going to happen even if I have to walk across the finish line. This is HUGE for me its some thing I am doing for myself. Something I have been wanting to do forever.

So there you have it. A Marathon. Me running 26 miles **mostly running**

I am squealing with excited on the inside. Time to go run. : )


Southern (in)Sanity said...

That's outstanding. Good luck!!!

Kelli said...

That is so exciting! Good for you!!

Patty said...

Sorry pal, but I MUST correct a couple of things... It is 26.2 miles, and trust me the .2 is going to be the toughest part...seeing the finish line, wanting to be done, unsure if we can take even one more will also be the most exciting, exillarting, part as thousands of people cheer us on through the shoot and across the finish line.

Thing two...I will not be running faster than you, the twenty years I have on you makes that proof positive. We are going to have an awsome time, and that is really what it is all about!

Dixie said...

I could never do that! I'm too lazy. But you go girl! I'm rootin' for ya! From the sidelines. In my lawn chair. Drinking a beer!

AM said...

Wow! That is HUGE HUGE HUGE! I cant even imagine running more than a mile.

(ok, I cant even imagine running a mile...)

Anonymous said...

for the love of god, be sure to buy a good running bra. the last thing you need is a black eye.


GERBEN said...

YOU GO GIRL! That is GREAT news! I am so excited for you! What kind of training program will you be doing? Lil sis and I ran 6 miles on Saturday. That was the longest I had ever run before and it was GREAT. You are going to have to keep me posted on all of your training and everything!

CruiserMel said...

That's very ambitious. Can I use you as a role model?

laluna said...

Hi Random - read your post on my blog...what a coincidence that you are going from So Cal to Wyoming. I was in LA for 5 years and SF after that before moving back to piddly little Yakima (my home town). Before that I was in Denver/Boulder for 8 years, so I've driven through Wyoming a lot - that will be a HUGE change for you from So Cal!! But change can be great.

Congrats again on the marathon - after I stumbled across your blog, and getting Patty's comment on mine, you guys inspired me to sign up for another race next weekend (5 miles)...I've run 4 miles, but I haven't done a full 5 miles yet (when I did a 1/2 marathon last fall, my friend and I walked most of it :-)), but I've been training for my NOLS backpacking class (in WY), so I feel like I can go for it this time. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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