Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I wonder what he does when I am not home

So yes Daisy likes beer. No wonder the hubby likes her so much.
She wont drink the beer but she LOVES the condensation off of the bottles. Shes so cute she does the same thing with water, if I am drinking out of a water bottle shes squirming around that she wants some so I pour some in the cap and she drinks it like its chocolate or something. I should get it on video its so cute.
I just found out my manager is going on vacation this Thursday and then she is back for 1 day before I leave. Hell this is going to be fun considering the shit I put up with at work when she is there I can not imagine what I will be put through when she is not. Oh well nothing can bring me down, all I have to do is show up do the min amount of work to get paid and then go home. Just like the rest of them.


Mummy said...

I love this pic... she is soooo cute.

Congrats on the marathon decision ... you will be fab, i know it!!

Patty said...

When do you take Daisy to the talent scout? She is a shoo-in!

The only prob with you acting like the rest of the people at work is the fact that you were raised better than that. Though it might be a nice brake for you to see how the other half lives. Give it a shot!

Dixie said...

She is so cute!

I've decided to do the same when it comes to work.

Jenster said...

Love the pic!

When I was growing up my dog, Bodacious (Bo for short) would knock my dad's beer bottle over and lap it up. LOL

T-girl said...

Too funny! I had a cat who use to do this also! She loved to drink out of the lid, it use to crack me up!

Cute picture btw!

Southern (in)Sanity said...

That is a great picture. Good for Daisy!!!!

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