Monday, April 30, 2007

Be careful what you wish for!!

So I like my job.
Since I have started I have let on about some of the people I work with I do not like. They gave me a REALLY hard time when I first started. See I am the type of person who likes to ask a lot of questions so that I know for next time. Well they would either just give me the min amount of information or not tell me all of what I needed to do so I would make a mistake. I caught on to them very quickly but within 3 days I needed to go to my manager about issues I was having. They (when I they I am saying there were 2 in particular) were rude to customers and myself, so bad so that customers would comment that they were being rude. They also have BAD, BAD attendance issues. We are talking calling out sick at least 1 time a week for the ENTIRE time I have worked with them. Oh and coming in late 3 of the other days, not to mention one of them coaching the other (with me standing there) how to go out on workman's comp for a carpel tunnel sore wrist thing to get time off of work.
We are talking horrible people here.

Anyways time has passed and because I stood my ground with them they have sort of grown on me the attendance issues still DRIVE ME CRAZY but I realize there is nothing I can do other than always get here on time and not worry about them. My performance and work ethics will be a reflection of my character.
We have a good work relationship now but it took us some time to get here and now one of them is leaving. For good. And I have very mixed feelings about it not that they are leaving because the opportunity that they are leaving for is a better one.
And I guess you could say I have sort of had a "little" feeling about the situation by picking up bits and pieces of conversations ect. Well I told the hubby about it about a month ago that its what I was thinking and guess what. It happened.
And now I will not only have to do my own work but also pick up the slack for the work that is not getting done but the timing IS SO BAD! I leave for vacation in 6 more work days, this person leaves in 2 weeks with 3 days off in those 2 weeks.
Its so weird too, because just before one of them leaves I start to see a different side of her. The caring mother, kind person not such a rude hard ass I thought she was.
Always too late huh?
Our manager is on vacation till the day before I leave so her duties will not be taken care of till things get sorted out so I am going to come back from vacation with PILES of work on my desk...

But my outlook is WEEHOOO I am going on vacation for 3 weeks and I get to look forward to all the over time for more vacations!!! Ha ha, I could put some more time in the bank to take another long vacation this year!!!.. WEEHOOOO

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