Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekend to do list

* Go to gym
* Work a few hours Saturday to bank time for vacation
* Take Daisy to the dog park
* Go through closet (try things on, get ride of some things, plan outfits)
* Have dinner with friend who is in town from Canada
* Update blogs and catch up
* Check out DSW one more time just to make sure I did not miss anything
* Call mom
* Call dad
* Make list of stuff needed for trip (hubby needs some new t-shirts I DO NOT need anything else!! Well maybe just some new panties and stuff)
* Do laundry
* Snuggle the hubby
* Try on all outfits for trip including shoes and prance around asking hubby "do you like this?" "Is this cute" " WEHEOO we are going on vacation"
* Sign new lease (we figure we are not buying in the next year anyways)
* Upload more pictures to facebook (so addicting)
* Make a training plan for my running
* Drive around neighbourhood to make running path so I can draw map for hubby so he will know where I am at all times.
* Do pilates
* Tell you all the big secret I have but I have to talk to the hubby about it first (wink wink Patty)


Patty said...

DSW is having double points days this weekend along with the continued 30% off clearance. Better move that one to the top of your to-do list.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

You better get busy. That's a pretty long list!

Dixie said...

Busy girl! Need some company at the DSW??

A secret, hu? Can't wait to hear it!

GERBEN said...

A SECRET!?! I am all ears! *grin*

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