Sunday, April 01, 2007

I just saw the future and it does not look pretty!!

See Dixie over at Deep fried southern style did an entry today on her Nanny's love for shoes.

See funny story is I just shipped a care package to my best friend FULL OF SHOES, why? Well the were all so pretty and needed to be purchased and worn out on the town. And then the emails that went back and forth with my best friend was that I was also going to send her a "secret" box of shoes (and because I can not keep secrets from that man I told him and he said something along the lines of "As if you even thought of that shit your so sneaky") so that when I was packing for my vacation the hubby would not be able to grumble at me and all the shoes I was bringing, and also that way they WOULD ALL BE WORN because currently they are sitting up at the top of my closet talking obvious shit about me and not being worm on a regular basis! (we have the same size feet)

And then her post about her nanny. READ IT HERE and I had my future flash before my eyes.

That's so me. And yes if you ever try to throw them out I will dig through the trash after them!


Dixie said...

Girl, I too am a shoe freak, but I have seen the light. I will never buy another pair of shoes if they don't go with something I already have or something I am definitely going to buy.

Patty said...

I was worried about seeing me in Dixies post, but quickly relaxed when I saw all the boxes...I throw those away so I can fit more on the shoe shelves built just for that purpose.

Also, I don't have anywhere near that many pair YET! Guess I'd better get shopping.

Fab idea of shipping your shoes ahead of you. It is acually done by lots of people that will be traveling and don't trust the airlines not to lose their bags so they ship their belongings to their hotel and only take carry on luggage.

astrocoz said...

That will seriously be my husband one day...the man has more shoes than most women! Me, I've got about 4 pairs, one black pair and one white pair for dresses, one pair for business casual, and one pair of tennies (that I wear all the time). Fortunately for my husband and I, I never got that into of us has to have room in the closet for the other one's shoes!

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