Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend re-cap

Nothing big this weekend, just kicked back and relaxed. It was nice really I should have taken pictures of Daisy when I gave her a bath today she looks so cute when shes all wet. More like a rat than she usually does.

That thing called Facebook has put me back in touch with a lot of old people from my life. Its so refreshing really and so much fun seeing who has gotten married and had babies. My crazy old single white female room mate had a baby which is really a trip, seeing REALLY old pictures of me and friends from elementary school.

Other than working OT this weekend (so I can bank time for my vacation) I just spent lots of time at the dog park and with the hubby.

I did watch the movie The Holiday and Blood Diamond which were both pretty good movies.


Patty said...

I watched The Holiday last weekend and I liked it quite a bit. This is saying a lot since I am a pretty tough movie critic.

Keep getting the R&R, you are going to need it for vacation when you will be burning the candles on both ends so you don't miss out on any fun time.

Dixie said...

Face book? I've heard of this. Is it like myspace?

Magnolia Sun said...

I want to see The Holiday and agree with you on Blood Diamond - excellent movie.

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