Thursday, April 05, 2007


So this was it. My bestest friends birthday present. Its pretty friggin sweet if I do say so myself!! And let me tell you how hard it was to pack up all those pretty shoes!!! I cried a little, but then it gives me excuses to by Which I am working on the hubby and I have agreed I can buy 3 more pairs before our vacation so I have to pick carefully! But I will have all these pretties to wear when I visit! Are the purses not the coolest??


Patty said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!! If you ever decide you need a new bestest friend I want you to know I AM available! This means you had better watch your back Salinna, and give her first pick of which shoes she wants to wear, buy her lots of drinks, continue to let her barf on you without complaint...On second thought...Maybe I'll just buy those red shoes for myself.

Magnolia Sun said...

Wow so a good friend and a GREAT present.

Dixie said...

What size do you wear? I wouldn't mind a care package. Or four. Those are some hot ass shoes!

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Is it legal to make shoes and purses out of zebra skin?

T-girl said...

Those shoes... they would look better on ME!!! ME I tell you, they are MINE!!! I will send you my addy so you can send ME (are you catching the theme?) a package! ROTFL

Random Musings said...

Patty- What size are you? The red ones were a wopping $16.99 and they have quite a few left. I could send you a secret you have to give me your address care package??lol The actually reminded me of the red ones from DSW that you were looking at!

Dixie- We are both size 6 or 6 1/2 depending on the shoes.

RWA- Oh did you see the leapard ones too?? RAAWAAW

Patty said...

You would do that for little ole me? You are such a dear! I was also reminded of the DSW red shoes when I saw the picture.

I was slightly depressed when I read your shoe size, we will never be able to share shoes. Before I got in shape, I wore a size 8, the same size as my youngest. Now I wear between a 7 and a 7 1/2, but the youngest tries to get me to still buy an 8 and slop around in them so she can wear them as well.

Boobless Brigade Master said... fellow shoe whore.
Must you make me drool so early in the morning?
Really...must you?!?!

Anonymous said...

Good luck prying any of these lovlies from my feet paaty :)

Aren't I spoiled? I mean c'mon, 6 pair of hot assed shoes, 4 matching purses and 2 mathcing tops!!! We made a deal that Kristalle was only allowed to buy me 1 red pair of shoes... boy did that not work out... lol



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