Wednesday, May 02, 2007

1 WEEK!!!

I can hardly keep my panties on I am so excited!!! I still have not pulled out the suitcases yet, or started to figure out what the hell I am going to bring/wear/ decide on shoes.
This week is going FAST!! Only because I have so many things to do.

But a week from today we will be home, in Canada probably eating a GREAT dinner my dad is cooking up. Drinking some drinks getting caught up.

WEEHOOO I can not wait!!

Oh and on the work front everyone is starting to stress. With one person leaving the same week I am gone for 3 weeks everyone is finally coming to the realization that they are going to actually have to do some work. Like all day. And I will sit back and relax at some pub or friends house eating good food and having some good conversation!!

3 weeks Random? I thought you were only going home for 2 weeks? Well I am only going to be home for 2 weeks, but when I requested the time off I had requested 3 weeks because my best friend was coming out to visit, but when that did not happen I still decided to take the time off.

WEEHOOO only 4 more work days to go!


Magnolia Sun said...

Have fun!

RWA said...

You can hardly keep your panties on?!?!??!!??

That is some intense excitement, huh?

Have a great time.

Jenster said...

Whoo hoo!!!

Your excitement is contageous!!

Dixie said...

Just remember to put them back on before leaving the house!!

T-girl said...

Have fun!!!!! We will miss you!!!

KB said...

You get to take 3 weeks of vations time, all at once. I am so frigging jealous!!

I hope you have a fabulous time. I see one suitcase with nothing but shoes in it!!!

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