Sunday, May 06, 2007

One Race down 100 more to go!!

I was up before the birds. AND THE SUN!
This was the finish and you can not see it in the picture but ITS DOWNHILL!
One of the MANY HILLS!!
My Lucky/ugly socks THANKS PATTY
And last but not least this is the ledge I barfed over when I was done. Classy lady I tell you!!

lol So I did it. All 5km of it. It kicked my ass something fierce and if I had read that it WAS ALL FRIGGIN UPHILL!! I may have picked a race that was not so challenging for my first.
But it was awesome and amazing and beautiful at the beach.
So surreal really. There was this other girl I was pacing with (and she was WAY smaller than me and in WAY better shape) that I was cheering on the whole time even though myself I wanted to give up. It was a walk run combination and by the time I was done and go into the car I was saying out loud to myself (thanks Patty) "PWEEHHTT 3 miles, its not REALLY that bad..."


Ally said...

I say Congrats on the marathon! You go Girl!!!

Patty said...

Alright! I'm upset! My youngest informed me last year sometime that I won't be a real runner until I puke. While I have wanted to many a time after a race, I just couldn't manage, and you go out and accomplish it on your first race! You are a natural born runner!!!

Good job! Congratulation! Enjoy your "after race day off" (or two)except for the packing. How are the shins?

The ugly socks are growing on me.

Magnolia Sun said...

Congrats! You should be very proud of yourself, way to go!

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Good for you!!!!!!!

GERBEN said...

YAY! I am so freaking proud of you sweetie! *grin* You should see me! Really. I'm setting at my desk with this big dumb grin on my face! LOL, you rock hon! Keep it up!

Dixie said...


And 3 miles?? That is too a long way!

Kelli said...

Congrats! Im so proud of you!

Mummy said...

Congrats !!! And I laughed at the pic of shoes, even running shoes!! of course there would be a pic!! ;-) classic!

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