Sunday, May 27, 2007

When it rains it pours!!

Which always seem the case in out lives. So y'all know we are moving and now the dates are confirmed.
Hubby reports to work June 25th so he is leaving California June 19th to go and scope out the area and find us somewhere to live. No worries I trust his judgement the last place he picked out before I moved here from Canada was BEAUTIFUL and we lived there for 3 years so I am not worried about anything there.
I am going to arrange for the movers to come June 24th because it takes about 2 weeks for our stuff to get there depending on weather and the company said they can still pick it up without and address and we can call it in mid way.

Well the other day the overheat light came on in my car. I turned off the car and it went away so I drove to work.
The next day the same thing so hubby booked me an appointment at the dealership to have them look at it. Well I went to said "appointment" and because it was a Saturday of a long weekend they would not be able to fit me in.
So I went to the shop that is right near the house and they said "We can not touch it because its a VW you need to take it to the dealership"
So I tried another dealership and it was the same thing.
So long weekend and my driving needs to be kept to a minimal not to mention the added expense if something is REALLY wrong is stressing me out.

Oh and then at work I found out that I am paid to date (I am staying till the 29th). Which means my last day worked is my last day of pay!! Yeah a bit stressful when you are moving and not going to have a job and still have bills to pay.

And poor Daisy is in heat and now we are going to have to have our couch cleaned before we leave because she has bleed all over it. Nice. An added expense that is not so cool right now.

And then there is the icing on the cake. This move is paid COMPLETELY by us. Yep so we are paying for the WHOLE move out of our own pockets because unfortunately the job posting did not also include relocation. But we both know and understand it will be better in the long run so we are going to suck it up for a few months till we are back on our feet and the reap the benefits of this move for the rest of our lives.

So I hate to say there will be no shoe shopping for the next 6 months. Yeah I know what are you all going to do??

These are my 2 best girlfriends. Salinna on the Left, me in the middle and Sara on the right. I have MANY more pictures to post so stay tunned!


Nicole said...

AH HA! The mystery of the apple juice bottle in the toilet tank is solved. Thank you!! Ooooh... you're moving to CA? What part? Southern Cal or Northern Cal? I'll continue reading some posts below and maybe I'll find out myself! We're in So Cal!

Nicole said...

Aarrgh. Apparently I've had a little too much home improvement fun for one weekend because I just saw that you're LEAVING Cali! oops!

RWA said...

Six months without new shoes? The sacrifices people have to make.

I'm sure it will all work out for y'all. Hang in there!

Dixie said...

NO SHOPPING?!? Oh you poor poor girl! I shall send chocolate at regular intervals. I know, I know, it's not new shoes, but it will help. Trust.

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