Friday, May 04, 2007


Ok that's my excitement all bottled up. Sorry MIA nothing really interesting going on other than LOTS of running (well trying to)

And I have my first race coming up this weekend!! I am so excited! Its only 3 miles and I am going on my own just to see where I am at. It will be a good day and then after the race I have a pedicure and coutchie wax planned! My toes have look good for all my new shoes I will be sporting on my vacation.
I have picked 9 pairs so far that have to go. I mean THEY MUST go. And I have co-coordinated outfits to go with each pair of shoes much to the amusement of the husband as I strutted through the house in each outfit pointing out which shoes were new, what tops were new asking repeatedly " What do you think"
And his response without even looking at me "Cute, but how many outfits do you need?"
And THEN there are all the pretties shoes that I can borrow from Sal that I sent her for her birthday
WEEHOO This is going to be such a fun and fashionable vacation!~


GERBEN said...

Good luck on your race hon. I can't wait to hear how you do! Trust me, once you finish this 3 miler you are so going to be hooked! *grin*

Dixie said...

Can I go with you?? I want to wear the pretties too!!

Patty said...

Having been married to you for some time now how can Hubby even ask "how many do you need?" Where was he the last several times you packed for vacation? I've never gone on vacation with you once, and I totally get that you need as many outfits as you have shoes. As many as you can fit in the suitcase without going over the weight limit for the plane. As many outfits as it takes to quelch that notion of, "Well, what if I want...what if I decide... well maybe I might..."

How can he not have caught on by now? If it makes you feel better (my) Mister has the same reaction. Especially as it is his job to load, unload, and haul whatever luggage we have with us.

CruiserMel said...

Best of luck in the race. (or maybe the race is already over - and in that case - let us know how you did)

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