Saturday, May 05, 2007

Stupid stuff!!

Its funny. The hubby and I have this thing. NOTHING surprises us anymore.

We have been saving like crazy (well except for the shoe purchases) for our upcoming vacation. I have been working every Saturday so I can bank time so we will not loose any money because I still am not entitled to my vacation because I have to be in my position for 6 months. (when they hired me I told them I had prior commitments and needed 3 weeks off unpaid and they agreed. Even though we are going home for only 2 weeks the extra week is for ME!!)

Anyways 2 days ago I realized my car needs its service and oil change and then some guy tells me my front head light it burnt out. No big deal to change just a pain in the ass.

Then on the way to work this morning the hubby gets a flat! His car is not even 3 months old yet, but it looks like he had run over a bolt so he had to go get that fixed today on his lunch to the tune of $150. Which sucks because it takes away from our drinking Just kidding. Its just funny this all happens less than a week before we leave for vacation and both have almost 3 weeks off work.

Could it not have waited till we got back????

Just a pain in the ass UGGG


T-girl said...

Murphy's Law I swear! It is liek the world just KNOWS you are about to have a good time and is making up for it before hand! LOL

Joie de Vivre said...

it woulda still been a pain when you came back, but i get what you mean about the bloody run of luck ... i soooo do the same with the holiday time off, i love a quiet week at home just for ME!!

enjoy the countdown to your hols.

Patty said...

Nope! Like T-girl said, it is the law. Some sick Universe pervert has to (_)uck with us just to be positive we have enough to attend to that we are good and exhausted by the time we are officially on vacation. Don't you wish that was your job some days? "What do you do for a living?" "I _ with the Universe." No! You are too sweet to enjoy that. I must be getting us confused again. I wouldn't do it to everyone, just a select few.

RWA said...

Hang in there. At least you won't have to fool with these little things when you get back.

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