Monday, January 29, 2007

This story is So sad

I LOVE reading Crazy Aunt Purl and today her post will break your heart. Its about one of her friends Allison who has a little boy named Evan, he is 8 months old and has a brain tumor. And with this stupid medical system in the USA they are trying to raise funds for the portion of the surgery that the insurance will not cover. She sells yarn on line and other knitting goodies so shop your heart out. But Allison is not good at asking for help. I have no problem (when its not for me anyways) so you can read about Evan and Allison here. He is the most precious little thing!

Please donate, donate like it was your own child, your sisters, your friend. I have never met, or even spoken to Allison but if I have even 1 of you donate to the Brain Surgery Fund then I have accomplished something. Hell we raised $508 for Cancer research lets blow this one out of the water!!!
Go over give her a cyber hug, send your prayers to her family.

Kristalle (AKA Random Musings)


Anonymous said...

I do not knit, but I know several people that do. I will pass this on to them.

Random Musings Of My Life said...


rpm said...

He is such a cutie! I don't knit but I did go make a donation to the paypal account. I hope all goes well for the little guy.

Patty said...

I DO knit, and have contacted Allison to see if she can hook me up with some pink sock yarn to use for the pink ribbon breast cancer awareness socks I want to knit for a breast cancer survivor friend of mine. I also made a donation through pay pal. Thanks for letting up know Random. It is always a good feeling to help others.

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