Thursday, January 25, 2007

5 Little Known Facts about me!!

Ok so Dixie tagged me. I am supposed to post 5 little known facts about me!!

1. The only part of my body I will not pierce are my boobs. I have pierced EVERYTHING else. I only had my eyebrow ring for 2 weeks, people looked at me funny. Out of all my different body piercings the only one I still have in is my tongue ring.

2. I am pretty adventurous and I will try anything once. I met my dear friend Harriette when we were working together we had only spoken about 3 different times and then she said she really wanted to fly home for the long weekend. I asked where? She said Halifax flights are only $89 do you want to come? We were on a flight 2 days later. And we are now GREAT friends.

3. I LOVE candy. Sweets, anything thats got sugar in it. Serious (my ass is proof of this fact)

4. Everyone I know who I would consider a friend has seen me barf. Sounds gross I know but E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E has seen me puke no joking. I have such a weak stomach. (I would just like to add that I am a very graceful puker and I make no noise at all!.. lol) I have been very sick in my life not to mention the amount of drinking that I did, and no I am not a light weight by any means USUALLY and I can hold my booze but there have been A LOT of late nights. (also all my time at the hospital)

5. The sound of someone cutting there nails makes me dry heave. Its the grossest thing in the world and even writing this gives me the shudders even THINKING it...

Ok so now I get to Tag 5 people sooo....

1. Anne
2. T-Girl
3. Joie
4. Lady Wander Lust
5. Mad Celery


Anonymous said...

LMAO... you are a butt! Just for that I will tell you about the assfart in my College English and phylosophy class that use to clip his nails EVERDAY (no joke, he must have been at the damn cuticle) IN class DURING lecture. One class he sat in front of me, the other he sat in front and to the right two seats. One day the ass HIT the girl next to him with a flying peice! I wanted to beat his ass! The next day in English I said something to him about it, he was basically like "f-u I don't care if it bothers you during lecture I pay for this class also!" I finally got tired of being polite and said, "it is incrediably rude and shows a terriable lack of class!" The teacher and students all started clapping! He was hot! LMAO Jerk off! I still think of him and his blatant disrespect! So while it doesn't discust me in the same manner I agree... it is something you do in the bathroom at home! OH and for the love of God do NOT forget to pick the crap up... THAT does gross me out, piles of nails! Full body shivers just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

Oooo - Im tagged, luvit.

I wanna ask all the obv dirty questions about ur former piercings ... did you have ur clit pierced? i have thought about it, but someone once said 'imagine if u lost sensation from doing that' and that was enough to stop me.

tres intrigued tho!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your list. Can totally relate to number three, that is why I had to give it up totally. It got to great a hold on me.

Anonymous said...

I was only brave enough to get my nose pierced and even that didn't last long.

I'm not much of a sweet kinda person, more salty. Actually potatoes are my downfall. I'll eat those bitches raw, I love them so much.

Hug'n'kiss said...

Okay be gentle this is my first time leaving a comment on a blog. I hope you got my email random I sent a few days ago. I haven't entered the world of blogging yet but I love being able to keep up with you since you are so far away on the West coast. I hope I can get to Ottawa while you are in town to visit. Love your blog, and I agree the nails are gross and the clit ring I do recommend :) When I do get a blog set up I'll let you know you have a lot of great people leaving messages!!

Anne said...

Great list...gotta think of mine now!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

T-girl- Just reading what you wrote about flying fingernails makes me quiver, it happened to me on a bus once maybe thats why I am so grossed out by it.

Joie- Your answer is yes I had "her" pierced and I highly recommend it!! After I had mine done 3 of my girlfriends had it done on my recommendation and they LOVE them too. Just get the hood pierced the way it was done it hung above the clit lots of stimulation, but if you get it done through the clit there is a 50% chance you lose feeling..i'll draw you a diagram

Patty- I LOVE sugar so this should, be hard, I am not cutting it out completely just no more bad snacks like candy, cookies ect

HUgs and Kisses- WHO ARE YOU??? ANd let me know when you have a blog

Anonymous said...

Oh shit. I've been tagged. But just for the record, you make lots of pretty sounds when you puke. LOVE YA ANYWAY!

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