Friday, January 05, 2007

How did they get here???

So I find it interesting to see how people get here through stat counter.

1. It was never between you and them anyways

2. Reason's why I love my husband

3. Emma hiscock lifeguard

4. What happened to raspberry jam laura secord

5. My hubbymaximbestfriend

6. I had to drip dry panty no tp

7. Fine art sales gerry blood

8. Free Sex movie neighbor housewife

9. Panty Thief

10. Sexless Marriages

11. Random Stupid facts

12. I have dd's

13. The best milkshake ever

14. Breast pain early pregnancy

15. Bum panties company

16.New panties

17. Pilates

18. Spinal injury

19. best compliment girlfriend (3 times)

20. We had sex tonight Ottawa

21. Protruding disk swallow

22. Physical today my bra

23. migraine headachs in children

24. nerologist

25. The pussy cat lounge fake id

26. Why are people so fake

27. big boobs run in the family

28. drunk in heels

See some of them make complete sense but really.. what the hell, I sure do talk about a lot of shit!! Happy Friday


Anonymous said...

How on Earth do you find stuff like that?

I can honestly say I didn't use any of those things to find your blog.

Patty said...


Anonymous said...


Gotta love the statcounter!

T-girl said...

Least they are not looking for back door entry transexuals, you should see mine! LOL

Anonymous said...

I got here via panty thief

Anonymous said...

My favorite is 'we had sex tonight Ottawa' It's like they are searching for proof it actually happened.

Anonymous said...

hahahhaa...that you do love. that you DO!!

Anonymous said...

that's a whole lotta searches that were about panties...and you did a whole lotta panty talk!

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