Tuesday, January 23, 2007

She PUUURSS like a kitten

Yeah, I have been shopping for a car. A convertible. I know exactly
what I want but I was a bit dissuaded the other day when I saw a bunch of
convertibles and walk up onto the lot and there is was. I called her
Lulu she was so pretty... yeah it was a black, leather interior, Porsche
Boxer a little 2 seater.
Yeah it was AWESOME and I test drove it, while the hubby hung his head
and laughed at how much I LOVED this car. She was a beauty and such a
girls car. The peddles we are close together and the seats were all
cute... AND THEN they explained they could get it in my price range, and I
almost wanted too, but the hubby being the voice of reason explained
that the oil change alone would be INSANE (his dad is one of a few European mechanics in the city)

Anyways so I passed..but I have been thinking about her.... a lot....


Anonymous said...

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rpm said...

Oh YEAH....that is a beauty. At least you didn't take it for a day or two and then have to give it back. I have always wanted an Audi TT but they are not making them anymore. And my husband has the voice of reason around here, too.

Anonymous said...

A girl has to dream. Right? Lulu can be yours, if not in reality then at least in spirit. Dumb oil changes anyway! Why does reality always have to jump in and ruin our fun?

Anonymous said...

I really wanted the Ford Thunderbird when they changed the body style to look retro. The hubs was talking about getting me one, but then I found out I was pregnant. Shot that idea in the ass. I still want one, but it's hard to fit me and two car seats into a two seater.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a great car!!! I would bet that maintenance is a bit expensive though. I can't imagine they do oil changes on Porsches and your local Jiffy Lube or Express Oil Change!!!

Anonymous said...

Tag! You're it! Come by and check it out.

~ Amanda X&O said...

Well if his dad can do it... then what's the problem!?!


Anonymous said...

The BMW Z3/4 has been calling my name for a couple of years. It says "T! teeee! TEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Come and get me! Take me home, leave the kid behind, all your worries will be gone, just come and get me!" LMAO

I just had to get rid of my Volvo for the same reasons as your hubby provided... it REALLY sucked! I loved that car but...

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