Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The sky is falling!!

Ok so I am getting a little sick of hearing how fucking cold it is out here. I mean it is California and its not supposed to get cold but now that it is SUCK IT UP PEOPLE!!
This includes me too.
The first 3 sentences out of my mouth today were

"Geez its really cold out today!"

"Did you see the ICE??? I HAVE NEVER SEEN ICE in California!"

"Is the heat on in here its freezing (rubbing arms and shaking for effect)"

Oh and do you chase ambulances? I mean when you see and accident or police action to you try to figure it out? Try to piece together what might have happened???

Well I am a bit of a closet chaser I guess you could say. And today on the way to work (I work down town) there were a bunch of streets closed off by police cars with flares and tape and everything.
So I oggle and trip to peak down the streets that are closed to see what happened.

"Oh theres a car there must have been a shoot out!!"

"Oh thats a police internal affairs van, that white one right there it must have been a police involved shooting!!"

"I hope no ones hurt it must be a really BAD ASS accident with all the police action.

So I get to work and I do what everyone else does and talks about how cold it is and gossip to a co-worker about all the police action. We conclude that someone has got to be dead because of all the street that are closed. Maybe someone robbed a bank and killed a few people.


I shit you not.... (I would hate to see any of these people if it really got cold!! Ha ha the day it snowed for like 5 minutes and all melted away 5 people at work called in that they could not make it.)

Thats California for you


Patty said...

"closed the streets because of ice." Living in a cold weather state, I've dealt with ice and snow! Once, when I was doing home care, I made my way down an ice/snow covered highway for over an hour to travel what would normally take fifteen minutes, to have to park in a store parking lot and hike the last three blocks to my clients house through knee deep snow because the plows had not gotten out yet. Was my client ever surprised to see me. Where there is a will, there is a way I guess.

T-girl said...

Honey, you should see my in-laws who just moved up here from SanDeigo right now! Seriously it is really funny! You would think we live on the Northpole or something, my SIL REFUSES to leave her house, if it is RAINING she REFUSES to go anywhere- she just turned down a job becuase she doesn't want to have to call in sick becuase of the RAIN!!!!!! RAIN!!!!!! If it was not so puthetic I would probably die of laughter!

T-girl said...

BTW- we just had a freak snow storm yesterday and she left a message on the voice mail, "are you fucking kidding me? I want to die! Do you know how cold it is out there? I am not prepared for this I am from San Diego people!"

Anonymous said...

That sounds like what they do around here. A little snow or ice, and the whole city shuts down. I mean, why would a city in Alabama have sand trucks or other equipment for bridges and major roads?

At the same time, we still have our share of idiots who think they can get out and drive - only to end up wrapping their car around a tree or a light pole. They actually barricade the ramps to the interstates to keep these brilliant folks from getting on.

Anonymous said...

That is how it is here is Georgia. Having lived in Upstate New York, it kills me.

CruiserMel said...

Same thing in Texas. But it's probably not a bad idea seeing as how we can't even drive in rain.

Anonymous said...

lol! They close the trains in london if a bit of leaf blows on the tracks ... which i guess is a good thing.

ooo - ud have loved it round mine the other day, a 15 yr old boy was picked up for murder in the park in the road next to mine, loads of police and helicopters... tres exciting and scary!

Anonymous said...

I'm born and raised in CA- I would be such a baby if I were there now lol

Virginia Belle said...

it's the same way here! even if there is a 5% chance of sleet, everyone makes a mad rush to the grocery store and cleans out all the bread, milk, eggs, ice and bottled water. it's so silly.

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