Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The resolutions list. (to start anyways)

1. Laugh more you can never be too serious. (and even if it is at myself talking to myself, as the hubby pointed out in the mornings)

2.Spend 5 minutes a day picking up after myself. (lets face it I am a bit of a slob)

3.Be better to my body, and myself.

4.Call home more (even though my mother drives me crazy I am blessed to have her in my life, and my dad he's not so crazy but as he gets older I really worry about him)

5. Run 5 miles (not a bad goal I am giving it a year)

6. Take at least 1 picture everyday for my own 365 project

10. Spend more time reading/walking/exercising.

11. Plan a vacation for 2008 to Europe.

12. Save more money (keeping in mind shoes are NOT essential thanks Crazy Aunt Purl)

13. Volunteer more.

14. FINALLY be out of debt and on to bigger and better things.

15. Call friends more often. (I miss them all like crazy)

Thats a good start. I am sure I will add more as I go. As I reflect on this year its been a great year and a lot of "good" things have happened this year.
I have a great new job, I have a blessed marriage I am thankful for lots of stuff this year. I LOVE all the new people I have made connections with on this blog. **waves entusiastically to everyone*** Its been a year of blogging for me here too. My "blog birthday" was the 23rd of December.

I wish you all a great 2007 (shit its 2007 already?)!!!


Anonymous said...

happy belated blog birthday.

yay for new year's resolutions. my major one is to make lunch for work. i'm tired of spending money on food that isn't so healthy for me (plus the cafeteria lines are sometimes atrocious).

i wonder how long before i get sick of sandwiches and chips?

Patty said...

Go for the gusto and change number five from five miles to six miles, that is a 10K...Then find a 10K to train for, it will help to motivate you and keep getting you out the door.

I also have some good titles of books about running if you are interested. AND check out coolrunning.com for training ideas and other things.

Anonymous said...

Yes, happy one year. woot!
I have thought about doing the 365 photo project as well. I am already 3 days behind but that's not really an issue.

Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday! A little late. *grin* I like the resolutions. As far as the running thing goes, you might surprise yourself. Check out your local running clubs. You might find some 5K's you can sign up for. That is just a little over 3 miles, but it will get you warmed up to the idea of running 5 miles. Hell you might find a 10K you want to shoot for. Just know one thing. Once you start running, it's very hard to stop. *grin* But that is not a bad thing!

Anonymous said...

Those are some good resolutions!

On that whole running 5 miles thing. Is that five TOTAL miles for the year, or to be able to run five miles at a time? Just curious.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Ally- thats on my revised list. Start to make healther food choices when I can. OH and learn for me to spell

Patty- Thanks for the site I will check it out. Oh and I am a huge reader so I am up for the titles. I am also maybe concidering joining a running club.

Jonathan- I have started I have just not decided if I am going to post them or keep it personal, maybe I will do both

Dixie- Its to run 5 miles at a time, I want to run in a marathon one day and actually live to tell about it. Once I get to 5 I will revise it to 10 ect.
Its just to get myself started

Anonymous said...

They all sound great!
I really miss you.
Hope we can get together soon.
Love TT

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