Friday, May 09, 2008

OMG one week y'all!!

Till my Vegas/California girls trip!!!
I am so excited.

But I do have some worries. Like 50 pounds is the bag limit. 1 bag is the limit too without paying an extra charge. And because I am doing this on a budget ($59 flights) I am not wanting to pay the $50 over limit fee or the $25 extra bag fee.

So pack and re-pack is what I will be doing this week.

I will take pictures of the shoes that make the cut! lol Wardrobe selection has begun.

I have a few things I need to do this week like, 100000 sit ups.

Spray tan, real tan so I do not scare the children because lets face it. I am WHITE! Like worse than casper the ghost white!! Hopefully I will not turn orange. Orange is not my color!!


Vi said...

Don't you hate that, when you realise a trip is so close, and your boday ISN'T gonna change enough before it happens!!!!

Magnolia Sun said...

How long are you staying? The tanning lotions are so much better than they use to be - good luck on that.

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