Tuesday, May 06, 2008

When the hubbys is away the wifey will buy shoes...lol

I VERY rarely buy shoes more than $20. My whole thought is, I have a closet FULL of shoes all under $20 and all that I love (well most of them anyways (under $20))

SOOO about 2 weeks ago when the hubby was away me and a girlfriend hit up "the mall" if you can even call it that AND I FELL IN LOVE!! Its not often I see a shoe that.I.must.have!

And they did not have my size. So they ordered them and said it would be a few days.. well the days went by and still no call that they were in.

Today I paid the store a little visit to see where my shoes were at and they looked them up and said "Oh well they shipped a week ago so they should be here any day now....no worries we will call you as soon as they arrive....."

A little disappointed I thanked them and began to browse the store ONLY TO FIND MY SPECIAL ORDERED SHOES ON THE SALES FLOOR!!!

So me being ever so "classy" I picked up my shoe and said "Humm why did they have to special order them when it seems this is exactly the shoe and size I ordered?"

They both (the sales associate and manager) ran around like chickens for the next 7 minutes trying to figure out "how this happened" and I thanked them and I was off with my new pretties!!!

Oh and then the hubby left this morning and he is gone for another week.... So what is a lonely wife to do but check out the mall... And I FOUND THESE!!! I was a little worried at first because I was in TJ Maxx and y'all know how expensive (to me anyways) most of their shoes are (Starting from $29.9 and up) but these were on sale $19.99!!!

Are they not the cutest summer shoes EVER??

The pictures do not do them justice... The pink ones have beads all over them... I am so excited for SUMMER!!!!


Magnolia Sun said...

I like the flip flops, I'm just not a high heel person (I can't really walk in them).

mSjEnA said...

ohhh they are the cutests !!! I Want Some !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Real Kidd said...

Girl I LOVE those black & white ones!

whimsical brainpan said...

I'd break my freakin' neck (again) if I tried to wear those!

They do look very nice though.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Magnolia- I LOVE high heels!!

MsJena- Mine all mine!!

The Real Kidd- Those are the ONES.I.HAD.TO.HAVE.

Whim- Hey from one girl with a broken neck to another.. at least I will look fabulous if I break it again..lol

Sam said...

Your blog is NEKKID! I have to do Boobless Brigade Master first, then you are next. It might have to wait until the semester is over, though. Can you wait a month?

Princess in Galoshes said...

I loooooove the black and white ones. Way to fight for 'em!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Sam- I certainly can wait a month for your fabulousness to make it less nekkid!!

Princess- Yeah I have friends from home that are "fighting" for them.. Yeah these ones are going into high rotation..lol

Princess Pointful said...

The first ones are telling me to find their twin. I swear.

Patty said...

Make sure when you are shelling out an extra $50 bucks for an extra suitcase on the plane to hold all those shoes to remind yourself you can afford it because you paid such a low price for all of them.

LOVE them. Makes me want to go get more wedges, but I am staying out of the stores until the end of June. Can you say clearance baby?

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