Saturday, May 24, 2008

I was not going to blog about it..

There are a few things actually that I was thinking I was not going to blog about....

But if you could send all your good thoughts and prayers to my step sister in Canada that would be great.

She was in a horrible car accident and had to under go emergency surgery. At this point it looks like she will be ok. They had to do a bowel resection because the impact perforated her small intestine. She has a lacerated liver broken collar bone and broken stenum. She has a lot of other bumps and bruises but it looks like she will be ok.

The other 3 in the car. Not so much. The driver is being charged with 6 counts of vehicular recklessness causing bodily harm.

My step sisters boyfriend is still in a coma and may not make it.

The car the stupid kid kit had 2 people. 4 year old little girl broken her wrist. Driver broke her leg. Thank Goodness!!

This kid was doing 125 K in a 40 K hit a mini hill and was airborn for 18 meters (sorry not sure what that converts to in US versions)

This happened on Friday last week and I was waiting until my step sister was in the clear. So far she is ok. They are looking to reconstruct her bowel and it that all goes well she should be ok and back to "normal" soon.

My dad was the first one on the scene. My step sister does not remember it but as soon as the accident happened she called him. They were only 4 blocks away from home. It took almost 2 hours to get all 4 of them from the car.

No alcohol was involved in the accident and everyone wearing seat belts saved all of their lives. Including the people in the other car.

So good thoughts and prayers if you can spare them. My heart is aching that everything will be ok.



whimsical brainpan said...

She will be in my prayers. I'm glad she's going to make it.

Magnolia Sun said...

They will all be in my prayers, it's so hard when things happen and you are so far away from home. I'll also being praying for you.

mSjEnA said...

Your family will be in my prayers..

Deutlich said...

I'll keep them all in my thoughts and I hope that they all make it through all right.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Have you heard anything more ? How is your sister now and your family ?
My thoughts are with them.

Dixie said...

Prayers sent!

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