Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So what is business casual to you?

So per your request the spill about the new job.

Its a cushy Gov job. Yep that's the spill. I am 1-4 interviews with the Gov out here which REALLY sucks.

Job 1 - Re-posted because they wanted someone with a degree.

Job 2 - Said I was too over qualified.

Job 3 - I was a lead candidate but was beaten by someone with a degree (its all done on a points system)

Job 4 - IS MINE!!!

Finally in with the gov, pending a criminal background and credit check which I am sure should be fine unless something comes up that I am not sure about.

And YES Patty I will get to wear all my cute shoes which as you could probably guess I am VERY excited about.

But I am VERY confused about a few things. See to me business casual is slacks and a blouse, but having gone in today to fill out paperwork "business casual" to these people are flip flops and hoodies?

Am I just strange? I mean that a little "casual" for business casual, no?


whimsical brainpan said...

Congratulations! I hope the job works out well for you and is a good fit.

I haven't worked in a long time but I know on casual Fridays at the Red Cross people wear jeans and a nice shirt for the most part.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new job!
I used to work in a casual environment, people wore whatever they wanted... I LOVED that. I tend to dress smart/casual, but I like the fact that it wasn't 'forced' on me.

Vi said...

Geez, I don't get to read blogs for awhile.. and change is afoot! Great news on the job!

You wear what you like. Look smart compared to the rest!

Patty said...

I think you are correct with your discription of business casual (I work at home so you might want another opinion). Here is what I suggest... Go with the slacks and blouse, until someone mentions that you are over-dressed (or ask if you are trying to suck up or make them look bad). If any of those things happen, blame it on the shoes. Seriously, when I show up somewhere over-dressed, I simply flash my shoes with an apologetic smile and say something along the lines that, "I pick out what shoes I feel like wearing first and then find something to go with them." Works every time!

Good job on the job score!

mSjEnA said...

you're right .. Business Casual is a pair of slacks and a blouse- no friggin stockings, panty hose or whatever they call them these days. My employer has business casual too but there are a few folks that don't really follow the rules..

Dixie said...

Yeah, that sounds more like "Friday Casual" to me.


Magnolia Sun said...

Congrats on the new job. My last job was extremely casual - it was a nonprofit company and I didn't deal with anyone so I could pretty much wear what I wanted.

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