Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why you gotta be so mean?

So funny thing today, my first table of the day is these 4 old people. When I say old we are talking late 60's?

Anyways they ask for something that we do not do.

I tell them as much and they CALL ME A LIAR!!

So I tell the manager and the manager goes over to reiterate at the table the same thing I just explained to them and they CALLED HIM A LIAR!

Its funny really. I don't think getting old is an excuse to be rude and impossible. I mean I can understand you have more life experience than most but to be right out NASTY!!

I can laugh at it now and I did my best to "Kill them with kindness" but I always wonder about people like that.

Was your life so bad that you have to make it impossible for others to enjoy it??

Oh and I got a new job. And I am excited. I am still going to keep the restaurant gig because I LOVE it so WEEHOOO for the new job.

I wonder if I am ready to go back to a 9-5?


whimsical brainpan said...

You know the thing I said earlier about people being morons?

So spill about the new job!

Patty said...

OMG! Random,

I am fifty, a meer fifteen years away from old! Thanks for clearing that up for me. Hear I thought I had at least another thirty years before I reached that mark of shame! JK, LMAS!

Yes! Do tell about the new job. Big congrates! Do you get to wear all of those heels of yours, or do you have an excuse to go buy lots of cute flats and comfy shoes? I would say either way is a big win!

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