Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Making ends meet.

Just barely. The hubby and I have lots of travel plans for this summer. And because I still have not been able to find a "big girl" job since the move I am waiting tables.

At 2 different restaurants.

Yep, buckled and got a second job. And I feel so blessed at this point, although I am SO TIRED and I will be woking ALL THE TIME, I am excited to be able to maybe get some money in the bank.

See when I do not work. I do not get paid. And we are taking 2 weeks off in August to go home to Canada and we have nothing saved.

So the next 2 months I will be working breakfasts (early morning at 6am) Full time for a popular breakfast place.

And dinners at a popular dinner place.

Burning it at both ends..... But I am thankful that I am able to work : )


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I hope you don't get too worn out. Just remember, one day you'll find that big girl job and won't have to be working non stop like now.

paginevuote said...

ran into your blog on nicole's. super cute! i poked around in your archives and loved the one on things NOT to do, from a server's perspective. my best friend serves tables and would totally love it. happy bloggin!

The Mrs. said...

wow! hang in there and think about the cash and not about the hours, although I'm sure thats easier said then done. : )

Mrs R said...

Best of luck with everything! It will be worth working two jobs when you are on vacation. :)

The New Black said...

Big girl job...that's cute! It's great that you are keeping such a positive attitude...I know it's hard to do. :)

paginevuote said...

yay! a fellow ballerina. :) thanks for dropping by. i was excited to find a new blog to add to my google reader. :D

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