Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beyond frustrated!!

So you know that "new job" I got at a chain restaurant.

I quit today.

Yep, they are SO unorganized that after 40 hours (which is WAY excessive for a server position) they still have me in training. **did I mention I have been doing this 20 years too?**

And its not like its a High Class 5 star restaurant. Think the cheapest chain restaurant, greasy spoon and that's where it was.

After 3 weeks.

And the owner is a LOSER!! Upon being hired I told them I could only work days, so I could change my other job around to evenings only. Well now all of a sudden after 3 weeks he is trying to tell me he needs me for nights.

Really? After 3 weeks? He also asked me to come in this morning to "discuss this" because even though we have spoken 2 weeks ago about my schedule he had no problems then?



Its their loss, I left my hours and told them to call me when I can get my check.


Mrs R said...

Sounds like they didn't deserve to have you. Oh well, their loss.

GERBEN said...

Their loss honey.

Sandy said...

Sounds like that situation was not going to improve. Bad management. Probably good you got out of there. I hope you find something that treats you right soon.

Meghan said...

Good riddance to them!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

What a tool. That place sounds like it was probably the best thing to leave!

I'm sure you'll find another place and get treated like gold!

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