Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And its only just begun!

Since we have moved our electric bills have been pretty tame. Only around $40-50.

Well the last week its been over 100 degrees EVERY DAY, with no break in the heat.

And our AC has been running NON-stop for a week!!! Ugg its just starting because this bill does not even TOUCH what they are about to be!

So maybe I am panicking a little? Our heating bills in Wyoming were OVER $300 all winter because of the electric heat. So I am keeping my fingers crossed it does not get too bad!


Mrs R said...

Somethings got to give with this heat situation. Its been in the 90's here with about 60% humidity. Its ridiculous.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That blows man! I've had bills like that before and it sucks because you have nothing to show. Hang in there!

AM said...

haha- you know what our electric bills are monthly in Korea? Btwn 400-500 dollars! Thankfully, its all included in our rent that the govt pays.

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