Thursday, December 16, 2010

People are so disorganized!

Very few things really frustrate me in this world (well that is a lie but to really frustrate me takes quite a bit).

Disorganization is one of them! Serious.

I booked a Doctors appointment for 10am this morning.

I booked this appointment over a week ago.

Well I show up this morning to meet my new doctor and guess what? The doctor is not in on Thursdays.

humm what?

So I tell the girl "I have a 10 o'clock appointment"

Girl "Humm no you do not, we do not book appointments for Thursdays because the doctor is not here"

Me "Oh could you check, because I am pretty precise with stuff like this (considering the practice I am getting)"

Girl "Oh yeah, look you are booked at 10am. That's weird we do not book appointments for Thursdays"

I am a little frustrated to say the least. I show up 15 minutes before I am supposed to be there and to even GO to the doctors is huge for me.

Anyways she explains she has no appointments till after the holidays...

I ask "Could you please check again for me (I smile nice and try not to sound exasperated under my breath)? I really need to see the doctor?"

And voila I am in at 8:45am tomorrow morning...

Does this seem strange to anyone else??


All the Small Things said...

I'm always organized, borderline OCD and I have little patience when others aren't organized. I would have been so annoyed if I were in that same situation. Hope you had a better rest of your day.

Frugalista said...

How annoying is that! I would be really mad because I probably would have took off work to go to the darn dr in the first place.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That definitely seems odd...

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