Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its a funny story really...

A couple of weeks ago Old Navy was having a fabulous sale! All clearance was %50 off PLUS I had a coupon for an extra %30 off.

So I headed out in search of almost FREE (well sort off if you do the math, the items were already marked down %50 plus MY EXTRA %80 off) items.

I am usually not a HUGE fan of Old Navy but for the clearance and quality there is just no where else to get deals like that.

So I made a "few" purchases and paid $23 for 3 pairs of pants, 6 sweaters and 7 shirts. WOW what a steal! The pants were all $3.20 FOR CARGO PANTS! And they are so comfy!

I immediately wash the black ones to wear and I LOVE them. I also love that I got them in 3 colors.

Well yesterday I was feeling under the weather. I slept late, was dragging and I swear I am fighting something that wants to make me sick (I also think it may be stress)

Anyways I head out to the post office which is a block from the house and throw on a pair of my new comfy pants.

I run a few errands and come home to cook dinner.

After dinner I use the rest room and I notice I HAVE HUGE BRUISES ALL OVER MY LEGS!! I run out of the bathroom with my pants around my ankles to show the hubby.

We are both SUPER concerned, he is telling me I need to go to the hospital and I am FREAKING out because WHAT IS THIS!! We thought all the bruising was from the massage the hubby gave me the night before....

Then I start to laugh....

Yeah the pants I "threw on" had not been washed.. And the grey dye transferred onto my skin! It was SO GROSS/Scary I will never do that again (wear something before its washed) I am usually VERY weird about stuff like that because of all the stuff I read like this and this.

And I would have taken a pictures but it was UGLY.. But the good news is I do not have to go to the hospital! lol


Steph said...

What a great deal! I'm not too big of a fan of Old Navy either.

CeCe said...

that is funny! i usually dont' wash stuff first. i probably should.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Haha! I would have freaked out and wondered what was wrong with my legs!

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