Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What not to wear Wednesday

So does anyone see whats wrong with this picture??
I mean I am no FASIONISTA but even I know you do not wear WHITE SHOES AFTER LABOR DAY!!.... But I am guessing there must have been a GREAT sale on these white boots because we have not one but THREE offenders!
And I wish I could tell you these ladies were young and hip (because if they were then WHITE boots are totally acceptable)? But no they were all over 50 struting their stuff downtown San Francisco...
But to not be out done they brought their 60 year old friend in leopard pants! I mean she has a fabulous ass and is rocking them but its 11am. I mean where do you wear pants like that at 11am? Oh not to mention the orange lipstick because... well I had to look!

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