Monday, November 15, 2010

How your life can change in an instant

So about a week ago the hubby showed me a bump on his neck. I being the doting wife told him to have a Dr look at it. (he works in a hospital)

Nurse says its a pulled muscle and to put ice on it.

So he does and no change.

So yesterday we go to a hospital to have it looked at because he was going out of town for the week (getting him in a hospital is like pulling teeth) after the 3 hour wait we leave.

We had set the alarms early to get up and go to a different hospital "just in case" because I did not want to wait till he got back to have it checked.

I chalked it up to "its nothing" but he swore it was something worse.

We woke up this morning at 6am and he says "Lets just not go, we can go when we get back"

Me very sleepy say "Ok if you think so"

He goes pee and that little nagging feeling hits me in the gut. I REALLY wanted to stay in the nice warm bed because it was all warm and comfy but I let my gut lead me

"Babe we are already up, lets just go and humor me that its nothing before you are gone for a week, last time I listened to my gut you went in for emergency surgery within hours of me getting you to the hospital"

Off to the hospital we go.

10 minutes in we are checked by a nurse who stated "Oh no worries that's not even where your lymph nodes are"

The Dr comes in says hi and introduces us to her assistant.

She them feels the lump on his neck and you can audibly hear her gasp at the size of it.

The Dr does not say much but tells us he needs a CT scan.

We wait 2 hours after he had to drink this HUGE container of chalky stuff to help the CT scan.

And then after about 30 hour the peppy little Dr pokes her head back in the room

"You have Lymphoma Cancer"

Not the man I love. Not the strongest man I know. Not the man who NEVER gets sick. Not the guy who always teases me about being sick.

Its not even real.


Its still really early and we do not know anything yet we know its Lymphoma we know they "suspect" its hodgkin's lymphoma.

We go for a PET scan on Wednesday and meet with the oncologist tomorrow....

If you pray, if you send good vibes if you want to just keep us in your thoughts....I will take anything you got!!

But the good news is we are both in good spirits. If you can say that. We both know and understand that it is out of our control.

For your viewing pleasure (after all the family had been notified) this is my husbands facebook status :

Randoms Husband has found out that he has Lymphoma....possibly Hodgkins. I will know more by the end of the week after the PET scan. Biopsy next week. Looking forward to the weight loss and cool medication. 33 is looking like the new 70.

One of the many reasons he is my hero...


Frugalista said...

UGGG!! I'm so sorry to hear this but I must say that as I read your post I sort of knew exactly where it was leading b/c of the very similar post I did less then 2 days ago regarding my friend who just found out about cancer. It's so true. You really just freaking never know. His attitude is amazing and it will serve you both well as you deal with this. Keep up the good energy and I will be sending positive thoughts your way as well.

Frugalista said...

Oh, and good thing you listened to your gut.

Expat Girl said...

I'm so glad you went with your gut feeling and got it checked out. I love your attitude and I hope everything works out. Praying for you guys and for answers for you soon.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my gosh K, I don't even know what to say! I can't believe this! I'm hoping and praying everything will end up ok for you guys! Get ahold of me if you need someone to talk to!

Allison @ I heart Change said...

Oh no! I'll keep ya'll in my thoughts. It's really good that you listened to your gut.

He certainly has a good attitude about it!

Natalia said...

Wow. I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending you lots of positive thoughts! Take care of each other!!

Sandy said...

I will sure have you both in my prayers. Keep us informed on his progress.

AF Recruiters Wife said...

I'm so glad you got him to go. Will be wishing for the best as you begin this new journey...

Steph said...

I'm glad you decided to go and I'm so sorry to hear about this. Try to stay positive. I'll be sending lots of good thoughts and positive vibes your way.

Cookie Crums said...

That's why that say "going with your gut".... sending prayers your way!!

Jessica said...

Uggghhh! I'm so very sorry to hear this! Just another example to show us to always follow your gut feeling. My Uncle is being treated for Cancer and I pray for him daily.. I'll go ahead and throw your husband in there at the same time!

Brittany Ann said...

Oh no oh no oh no! I'm so sorry! And I'm so glad you trusted yourself.

I'm praying for you and your hubs!

Christy said...

Oh my gosh!! I am soooo sorry. I can't even imagine what you guys are going through. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you, your husband and your family. Way to go on getting it checked out!! Women's Intuition is a powerful thing!

AM said...

oh no. no no no.

Sara said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. Saying prayers for you guys.

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