Sunday, May 03, 2009

You learn something new every day!

So I was lurking reading this blog Trying our best and she put out to the internet that she totally had NO idea how to strike out words on a blog post.

I mean I TOTALLY knew how all along **insert sarcasm here** and I though you had to have a "special" button or something (I may or may not have been trying to figure it out for 3 years)

And VOILA I know how. How cool AWESOME is that?

So I apologize in advance for my sudden need to change my ideas mid thought and strike them out...

You want to know how???? Ok all you need to do is use this <> insert word/words with no spaces in between < /s >

So cool!! Am I the only one who finds this SO FUN!


citizen of the world said...

One time I ran across a whole list of html codes like that one. Very handy. The corss-out one is not one I like to use, but I like thinkgs like italics and bold.

Teresa said...

I didnt know either lol ;)


Sandy said...

I have wondered how to do this. I'll give it a try!

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