Thursday, May 07, 2009

Now that was not SO bad!!


Especially new dr's. And especially for the "well women exam"

I have avoided it for 3 years. Actually ran screaming from it for 3 years. Last time they found a lump in my breast and I refused the exam.

Seeing how many cancers run in my family I bit the bullet.

Well it was more that I was running out of my "stock" of prescription drugs and needed new prescriptions that prompted my search for a new family Dr.

AND I LOVE HER!! I really do, and her nurse is supper nice as well.

The thing I hate about going to new dr's is that you have to explain EVERYTHING, and the whole breaking my neck thing (I brought my xrays) and how I over came that. And my family history which practically takes an hour in itself.

But WEEHOOO done for another year!! And I will not be so scared next time. Although she found my lump again and is sending me for a mamagram (which I should be getting every year anyways) I am good for a year!!


girlville said...

good for you for going! please go get that mammo! i had a lump too and a mammo is NOT that bad. it last for literally seconds. my lump was a cyst but still had to be surgically removed. at least 80% of all lumps turn out to be nothing at all. just be sure to know your body and look for changes. (can you tell this is my personal soapbox???)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I DREAD those appointments. I mean HATE HATE HATE them. I always find them so awkward. I never know to keep making small talk or what!?!

Teresa said...

I dont mind the appointment if it is a woman but the past two years with men in the Army have made it so horrible. I feel very uncomfortable now lol but then again what makes any of that stuff comfortable right haha.

jessica said...

yay for going. i have to admit, i skipped out for three years too. my appt was last friday, now i wait the news if they found anything. cancer runs in my family so i am definitely on pins and needles right now!

Magnolia Sun said...

I don't thinks mammos are that bad - I don't enjoy them but there are worse things to do. Glad you got a clean bill of health now make sure you go back EVERY year!

Meghan said...

It's always relieving to have a good doctor. Mine is awesome and she's stuck with me for life.

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