Saturday, May 23, 2009

A day at the dog park....

Well its technically not the dog park. Its the soccer park right beside the dog park that I take her too... She loves to chase the birds but because it was so hot today there were no birds. She just runs around stupid. I have tried to take her into the dog park but she has gotten so bad with other dogs. So I just keep it simple and watch her run and play and explore.

Its important to stay hydrated. And yes she is drinking from my water bottle. In fact she will paw at it if she gets thirsty! She is one of the smartest dogs I know!

Deciding which way to run!

I Love lazy Saturdays. We stayed out for about an hour and a half, I read my book while she ran around. When we got home she knew it was bath time (always after the park) and she hid under the bed from me. Yep. Smart dog. She is so getting a bath tomorrow.


citizen of the world said...

What a great field for running in!

Teresa said...

Aww how cute is she! I love the pictures :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...! Seriously!

The picture where she's drinking out of the lid...precious! That field is huge!!!!

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