Wednesday, May 06, 2009

So I guess I missed this fashion tip!

I WISH I would have gotten a picture of this whole outfit. She is wearing a MANS shirt as a dress, no belt or anything, and moccasins. Oh and I forgot t mention the "dress" was see through and she was wearing a black boy short and black lace bra under it.

Is it just me or is this strange? I mean I get the whole "gladiator" sandal thing going on right now that I really hate.

But are moccasins really making a come back?? I mean were they ever cool? And its 80 degrees today???


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Please tell me this wasn't at work and her work outfit. And those shoes....ohh man, let's hope their not making a comeback!

citizen of the world said...

Just because someone is wearing it, doesn't mean it's a good thing. I count gladiator sandals in that category, by the way.

Sandy said...

Those don't look so good. I think you have to have really pretty legs and ankles to wear those Roman sandals. Not gonna happen with me.

Thank you for the sweet comment on Holly. I miss her and so glad she was in my life for the short time she was.

Christina said...

I could see an outfit like this walking around Los Angeles...but that's probably not normal!

BTW, I'm jealous of you living in cowboy country. I do ♥ me some cowboy :)

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