Friday, May 15, 2009

It is not ok!!! Version #1

* To snap your fingers at a waiter

* To WAVE your hand in the air frantically (unless you are DYING and even then I am still not sure)

* To put gum under the table

* To tip less than %10 FOR WHATEVER REASON! I tip a MIN of %20. Just because. Did you know servers only make $2.13 hour. Yep and the NEVER see any of it because it all goes to taxes. We pay taxes on %10 of our sales if you tip us or not. And if you do not tip a min of %10 IT COST US MONEY TO SERVE YOU!!

* To not look up when we come to the table, and before we introduce ourselves to BARK out what you will have to drink.

* To be rude and an asshole because you assume we can not get another job. The majority of the people at my restaurant have degrees. And we CHOOSE to work there because we either like it. Or for the money.

* To SIT AT OUT TABLE FOR 3 HOURS AFTER LEAVING A $1.50 tip. If I was alowed I would ASK YOUR ASS TO LEAVE, because with you sitting there there is no way I can get another table "company policy"

* To go out to eat AFTER 9pm. Because we hate you. Yes we smile and dream about doing something to your food (we never would) but REALLY coming in just before we lock the door and 5 people have to stay because of your dumb ass.

End Rant


citizen of the world said...

I mostly agree, I'm always polite to servers and I generally tip 20% or better. BUT if there is egregious rudeness on the part of the server (and it's only happened to me a couple of times) I would tip less than 10%. I can recall one instance where the waitress was almost comically belligerant. Only it didn't feel funny at the time. I stayed persistently polite, it didn't get better, I didn't tip. (And I could do a whole post on the sins of foolks who frequent fast food places, having done my time there when I was younger.)

Mrs R said...

I've been wanting to write about this one for a very long time. I feel I may have to much to say about it. I picked up my check yesterday and it was $29 for 37 hours. Lucky me.

I just feel lucky to have a job that I enjoy during the day. And look forward to the day I can say adios.

One thing I would like to add is that it is not ok to critize me. I never grew up wanting to be a waitress and I do not need your imput on how to do it better.

The Mrs. said...

Oh I hate crappy tippers. I've never been a server but I went out to dinner once with college friends and they were so cheap with the tip it was embarrassing. I made hubs go back to the table and put down more money it was just shameful.

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