Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What a day! I can not make this shit up!

So the day started with my Wednesday FREE pilates class. It was a great workout, you never realize how out of shape you are till you start working out again....

Well after my class I scooted over to the babysitting place (its next door) and we only had about 5 kids today which was nice. The girl lets call her J that I babysit with explains more about her sons condition. (another post coming about that)

Anyho there is the precious little boy I have a little crush on, hes a little cuddle bug but the minute his mom walks out he crys. The last time he cried THE WHOLE HOUR, this time it was only for about a minute I was able to console him and he fell asleep in my arms.

So the hour passes and his mom comes to pick him up, his baby sippy cup had spilled out on the table and I wiped it with my hand and wiped it on my pants nobigdeal.

His mom says "Oh, that's breast milk"


Ok so moving on, after pilates, babysitting, then a yoga class I head to my Red Hat Ladies lunch that was SUPER yummy. Well at the end of the lunch we are all getting ready to leave and the server was cleaning up and STABBED ME WITH A KNIFE!!!

Really? STABBED MY FINGER WITH A KNIFE!! So I jump up startled my finger is bleeding like crazy and the server says "Oh I'm sorry?"

And I even had to ask for a bandage and an alcoholic wipe to clean up.

No more sorries, no manager no nothing. So I am writing them a nice little letter? I mean I KNOW it was an accident. They happen. But nothing, no follow up? No offer of medical attention? And yes I can be a drama queen BUT I WAS BLEEDING ALL OVER YOUR RESTAURANT! (i'll let you know what happens)

So the hubby and I went to get our taxes done tonight. One more year in the books! Its such a relief. (and we are getting a nice little check to pay for our Cabos expenses YAY!)

On the way home we stopped at McDonalds (I know whats the point of doing 2 classes in a day if you are going to eat McDonalds at 9pm? Don't

We order our food. Pay our bill and the guy asks us to pull up it will be a minute. So we sit there, talking and joking around, one car, two car, three cars drive by and we start to joke that "Maybe they forgot us?"

We wait 10 minutes then I go in.

Oh yeah they forgot us. And we got to eat for FREE!! How sweet is that?

What a day


Kelly L said...

You should have had you lunch comp'd - stabbing you that's nuts - glad you're getting a refund... and I love those big macs!


Brainless said...

i cannot pick which is worse. being stabbed or breastmilk. hmmmmm i pick breastmilk

Allison said...

Yeah. Anytime there is BLEEDING I think a manager should be involved. At least an appology.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! You would think the manager would have at least came over and apologized. I'd write a letter too!

Steph said...

Sounds like an interesting day.

And I agree, if you are going to do all that working out then a 9pm trip to McD's is a necessity.

The Girl Next Door said...

Um, you stab me... you say sorry profusely and you run and get a first aide kit! I'd be beyond drama Queen about it so you go girl with your bad self I say!

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