Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Open Letters

Dear guy in front of me at yoga the other night:

You are an asshole. There I said it. I mean if you could not afford the biker shorts to go under your "sports shorts" I WILL BUY THEM FOR YOU!

Its a little distracting trying to focus on postures in the mirror when YOUR BALLS are dangling in my face.

And it was not like carrots its made me gag a few times and I got less out of the class because I was worried about the "harrydanglingballshow"

Get some class.

I mean SOME HOW another gentleman got in front of me at last nights class and he had enough decency to cover those babies up?

Scared for life


Dear Target:

I heart you. I do. You always amaze me at your unbelievable clearance and the fact that today YOU PAID ME TO SHOP! Yep I spent $0.86 cents and made $30.

I love you.

Oh and shout out to whoever decided on the FABULOUS spring fashions.

Love Random


Rhi said...

balls ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Allison said...

I would complain to the yoga teacher or organizer of the class about that. I know KNOW they should require everyone to make sure all their private parts remain that way.

I heart target too.

Crazy Shenanigans said... balls to the world. I think I would have said something to him.

I love Target!!!!

Steph said...

Balls are disgusting.

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The Girl Next Door said...

OMG! The first one happened to me a few weeks ago in Pilates... he is a TEACHER at the school too!! I look up and "WHAM!" I look over and the girl next to me looks up and... I lost my composure, the look on her face may have been worth the ball sighting! We spent the rest of the class staring into eachothers eyes, we changed numbers and are great friends now actually! She is on my Facebook page ever! ROTFLMAO

secret agent woman said...

I believe that guys who expose themselves like that are doing it intentionally. Blegh.

"M" said...

That is too funny about the yoga class!

Meghan said...

Sorry, I couldn't read your letter to Target. I was too busy gagging thinking about the hangy balls.

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